Five Fictional Hotels I’d Like to Stay in

Last Monday I wrote about the fictional cities I’d love to visit, and since today is National Napping Day, I thought I’d dedicate this weeks fictional five to the buildings where you’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep – hotels.

Hotels have been the setting for many movies over the years, most noticeably in the horror genre. In fact, The Overlook hotel in The Shining is probably one of the more iconic buildings in film, full stop – and the movie was filmed in a real life hotel too.

As beautiful as it looks, it’s not actually somewhere I’d want to stay the night, because, you know – ‘here’s Johnny’ – but there are plenty of other fictional hotels I’d book asap, and here are five of my favourites.

The Raven Hotel

Fictional Hotels | The Raven (Altered Carbon)

The Raven Hotel is from one of Netflix’ latest series – Altered Carbon. I only watched the first season a couple of weeks ago, but The Raven made quite an impression on me, so it’s top of the list.

Described as ‘Bay City’s most deliciously macabre lodging experience’, the hotel is run by an AI called Poe who, as his name suggests, embodies all things Edgar Allen, and since he IS the hotel itself, picture raven wallpaper, taxidermy, and a big beautiful bar.

Poe offers up a VIP package where you’re every desire is taken care of. Food, drinks, entertainment *wink wink* and protection are all catered for – protection being incredibly desirable in Bay City, so the Raven comes equipped with two hidden rotary machine guns. Also, Poe is just so damned cute. He would be the BEST company.

The Dragonfly Inn

Fictional Hotels | Dragonfly Inn (Gilmore Girls)

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you probably recognise this as The Dragonfly Inn, a hotel come B&B owned by Lorelai and Sooki in the town of Star’s Hollow.

It’s nowhere near as grand or as big as your standard hotel, but you’ll have everything you need here, including amazing conversation because no-one in the history of Gilmore Girls has ever had a boring conversation with Lorelai.

The menu has been created and coooked by Sooki, so you know it will be the best meal you’ve ever had, and the building includes a library full of books and board games, and a living room with a jukebox. There’s even a stable, so you can go for a ride on Cletus or Desdemona – the resident horses.

Hotel Transylvania

Fictional Hotels | Hotel Transylvania

One for the Horror lovers who don’t want to stay somewhere haunted – Hotel Transylvania. It’s owned by the infamous Count Dracula, and it’s clientele includes the likes of Frankenstein, the Mummy, and the Wolfman, so you’ll be in good company.

The hotel itself is a castle in the middle of nowhere, so not only are there great views, but you’ll have as much privacy as you need. If you do want to go for a scenic stroll, the castle is surrounded by the land of the undead and 400 acres of haunted forest.

The hotel also has a sauna and a pool, it’s own chef serving up bagels with scream cheese, and a horde of zombie bellboys and witchy housekeepers who will clean up after you. There’s even a fricken’ shark tank.

Prancing Pony

Fictional Hotels | Prancing Pony (Lord of the Rings)

Ever since seeing the Hobbits visit the Prancing Pony in Lord of the Rings, I have always wanted to stay there. It has the best dive bar in the whole of middle earth, stables for your horses, and comfy beds – what more could you need.

Lying on one of the major roads through Bree, it’s the perfect place to meet up with friends from out of town, and it’s so close to both Rivendell and Hobbiton so day trips are a must.

It’s also got a great history, being not only the location where Frodo meets Aragorn for the first time, but also where Gandalf meets Thorin to discuss their quest to defeat Smaug.

Fhloston Paradise

Fictional Hotels | Fhloston Paradise ( Fifth Element)

The last hotel is my personal favourite. The Fhloston Paradise is a luxury liner in the movie Fifth Element, and I am obsessed with it.

There are 12 swimming pools, 2 rooftops, hundreds of restaurants, bars and game rooms. It even has it’s very own opera house where you can watch the Diva herself perform. And the liner is only a short ride away from Planet Fhloston, which is accessible until 5pm.

The bedrooms are amazing as well, with four poster beds and a fully stocked wardrobe. There’s even complimentary champagne.

What fictional hotel would you like to stay in? It could be from your favourite game, or book, or TV show. Have I mentioned any you’d also like to visit?

Next Monday we’ll be looking at Fictional Planets so have a think about somewhere out of this world you’d like to go.

14 thoughts on “Five Fictional Hotels I’d Like to Stay in

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure I’d like to stay there. Though, fun fact, I actually visited the hotel it was based on when I was in Colorado.


    1. I just think it would have the cutest bedrooms, with all the trimmings. And breakfast in bed made by Sooki would be amazing


  1. Still working my way through Altered Carbon (Voltron; Legendary Defender, Ghost Wars and Jessica Jones S2 all appeared in a short space of time so am far behind). Poe is probably my favourite character, and the hotel is really awesome. Have to say I haven’t seen the 5th Element which usually surprises my friends, however that one looks cool.


    1. I know how you feel. I think my life is one giant binge fest at the moment. Jessica Jones last week, Altered Carbon the week before, all whilst binging through Arrow again. And I am a little shocked you haven’t seen Fifth Element, but only because its my favourite Sci-fi movie, and definitely one of my faves of all time, so I’m always shocked when someone says they haven’t seen it.


      1. I get that a lot. Most of my friends nearly hyperventilated when I told them I hadn’t seen the princess bride (I have now). 5th element is on my list. It’s a long list


  2. Yup to the Raven Hotel :D If it’s the same AI that Altered Carbon has, then I’m sure it’s super fan (I won’t spoil the series tho~~~~ You know why~~~)


  3. Ohmygoodness the idea of staying in Hotel Transylvania would be incredible! I love this post, although I do kinda hate that it gave me wanderlust that I can’t fulfil haha.

    Wandering Everywhere


    1. After seeing the trailer for the next Hotel Transylvania movie, I think a cruise would be pretty awesome too. And I definitely feel you with the major wanderlust this post brings, though I get that every time a watch a new film to be fair.


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