An A-Z of Halloween Movies to watch this October

Every year I make a list of Horror movies to get me into the Halloween spirit, but I’ve seen them far too many times now that I know most of them off by heart – so I’ve decided to make a new list this year.

I thought it would be fun to set myself a challenge, so instead of making your usual list, I’ve picked a film from every letter of the alphabet. I didn’t want it to be exclusively horror flicks, because that would be boring, so there are a lot of family friendly movies in there too. It’s basically a collection of everything I want from Halloween, so I hope you enjoy.

A | The Addams Family

B | Beetlejuice

C | Coraline

D | Dawn of the Dead

| The Evil Dead

| Friday the 13th

| Ghostbusters

| Hocus Pocus

| IT

J | Jeepers Creepers

| Komodo

L | The Lost Boys

M | Monster House

| Nightmare Before Christmas

| The Others

| Practical Magic

| Quarantine

| Rocky Horror Picture Show

| The Shining

| The Thing

| Underworld

| Vacancy

| The Witches

| X-Files

| You’re Next

| Zombieland

What Halloween movies would you pick for each letter of the alphabet? If you want to make your own list, make sure to tag me in it so I can see.


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10 thoughts on “An A-Z of Halloween Movies to watch this October

    1. Yeah, it’s the perfect list for a weekend in – I think the weather’s meant to be pretty rubbish down south as well so definitely going to take advantage of this myself.


    1. I am too, haha. There’s a few I can watch because Ive seen them so many times – generally the classics – but I’ve not got the balls to watch new ones like Paranormal Activity etc. I’m such a massive jumper.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Did you want to buddy watch one with me this October? I’ve got a week of bedrest after my operation on the 19th so I can be free any hour to watch with you.


    1. Umm.. Yes! I work at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays so can do all day on those two. What are time differences like between us?


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