31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019

Happy first day of March fellow geeks!

I still can’t really believe I’m saying that to be honest. I know February is the shortest month of the year, but the rate at which that flew by is a little bit ridiculous, and now we’re officially one month from being a quarter of the way through 2019 – whaatt?

With life flying by so fast, the days have admittedly started to merge into one big clump, so this month I’m going to take things a little slower, and celebrate each day as it comes.

What better way to do that than with a list of geeky things to celebrate every day. From movie anniversaries, to premieres and birthdays, there are lots of ways to make each day a little geekier – 31 ways to be exact.


31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019 | Captain America

Captain America

1st March | Today marks 71 years since the world was first introduced to Captain America. Created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, the patriotic super-soldier made his debut in Captain America Comics #1 in 1941, and has been fighting Nazi’s ever since. He’s now one of the longest running characters in the MCU, appearing next in Avengers: Endgame. If you’re a fan, there’s no better day to show Cap some love.

Dr Seuss Day

2nd March | Theodor Seuss Geisel, otherwise known as Dr Seuss, wrote and illustrated more than 60 children’s books in his lifetime. Having sold over 600 million copies of his work worldwide, its no surprise then that the National Education Association have dedicated a day to celebrating him. Pick up your favourite Seuss book and give it a read, or if you’re feeling adventurous, try some green eggs and ham.

The Battle of Helm’s Deep

3rd March | If you’re a bit of a Tolkien fan, you probably recall the epic battle of Helm’s Deep that occurs at the end of The Two Towers, but do you know when it actually happened? 3rd March 3019 – 100 years from today – is the exact date that thousands of Orcs and Uruk-hai marched upon the fortress’ walls. Celebrate by watching the 40 minute war scene, or pick up the book and give it a read.

Sherlock Holmes

4th March | The 4th March 1881 marks the beginning of a very successful partnership between Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson who began their very first case – A Study in Scarlet – that very day. ‘It was upon the 4th of March, as I have good reason to remember, that I rose somewhat earlier than usual, and found that Sherlock Holmes had not yet finished his breakfast.’ Try your own hand at mystery solving, or simply pick up your favourite Conan Doyle book.

31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019 | Anne Shirley

Anne Shirley

5th March | Anne Shirley is the fictional heroine in Lucy Montgomery’s novel, Anne of Green Gables, and today marks her birthday – she would be 154 years old. The story revolves around 11 year old Anne, who is taken to Prince Edward Island and adopted by siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. It’s a charming novel and if you’ve never read it yourself, today’s the perfect day to do so. There’s also a TV series about here on Netflix.

Day of the Dude

6th March | Did you know that The Big Lebowski – directed by the Coen Brothers – inspired its own religion? Dudeism is the idea of ‘takin er easy’ and since 6th March marks the date the movie was first released, its been adopted by Dudeists everywhere as the Day of the Dude, a holy day dedicated to chilling out, drinking white Russians and going bowling. If that sounds like you’re kind of evening, you’ve got a new cult to follow.

World Book Day

7th March | World Book Day is an annual event with the mission to make sure every child has a book of their own. It’s also the celebration of authors, illustrators, and most importantly – reading. I also like to think of it as an excuse for us adults to add to our own book collections, so make sure you get out there and pick up a new book, but don’t forget to start reading it.

Captain Marvel

8th March | A day I have personally be waiting for, for quite some time, today marks the premiere of Marvel’s latest movie – Captain Marvel. The film stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jude Law, and will be an incredibly important chapter in the MCU, so make sure to add its release date to your diaries, and celebrate everything Captain Marvel – either by watching the film, reading a comic, or dressing the part.

31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019 | Sybill Trelawney

Sybill Trelawney

9th March | Everyone’s favourite Divination teacher is turning 57 today, so make sure you hunt out your crystal balls and tea leaves for a day dedicated to Trelawney. The seer ended up being one of the most important characters in the Harry Potter books after making a prophecy that foretold that Harry Potter would be the one to vanquish Voldemort. As a fellow Ravenclaw, I’ll be having a drink – of tea – in her name.

Mario Day

10th March | Mario Day, or Mar10 Day is the annual celebration of the entire Mario franchise, purely because Mar10 looks like Mario’s name – why the hell not eh? There are countless ways to celebrate the little red plumber and all of his friends, the obvious being to play one of your favourite Mario games, but you could also throw a party, dress up, or take part in your own Mario Kart race – I vote for the latter.


11th March | While there’s already a Frankenstein Friday celebrated in October, I don’t see any reason why there can’t be another day dedicated to the scientist and his monster, especially since 11th March marks the day that Mary Shelley’s infamous novel was first published. Her story about a man and his creation is considered the first Science Fiction novel, and continues to be a popular read for every generation.

Alfred Hitchcock Day

12th March | If you’re a lover of all things Hitchcock, then make sure you don’t miss out on Alfred Hitchcock Day – a day dedicated to the film maker, who’s career spanned half a decade. Have a Hitchcock movie marathon, act out your favourite horror scenes, try to spot his cameos or host your own Hitchcock-esk party filled with references.

31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019 | Uranus


13th March | As the seventh planet furthest from the sun in our Solar System, hardly anyone pays Uranus much notice – apart from to giggle at its unfortunate name. Since the 13th March just so happens to be the date it was first discovered in 1781, I propose we dedicate today to the ice giant and its discover – William Herschel.

Pi Day

14th March | Not to be confused with Pie Day, the celebration of delicious pastry goodies filled with sweet and savoury amazingness, Pi Day is dedicated to that disgustingly long number we always like to forget – 3.14159…  Calculated to over one trillion digits, it will continue infinitely without repetition, and whilst that’s going to be Impossible to memorise, it sure is fun seeing how many decimals you can actually remember.

Arrested Development

15th March | Today marks the return of the infamous Bluth family to our television screens, as the second half of Arrested Development season 5 premieres on Netflix. If you’ve been eagerly waiting to see how the most dysfunctional family in the world is getting on, then make sure you mark the 15th in your diary and celebrate the shows return – just make sure you have a large supply of bananas and you’re set.


16th March | The 16th March marks the birthday of Todd McFarlane, a Canadian comic book creator who is probably best known for his work on the Spider-Man comics, but he is also credited with the creation of alien symbiote Venom – as we know him today. Since Venom got his own movie last year, he’s gained in popularity and intrigue, so today is all about him. Pick up your favourite comic or watch the film to celebrate.

31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019 | V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta

17th March | The dystopian movie, V for Vendetta, which is based on the Vertigo comic book with the same name, by Alan Moore, turns 13 years old today. Staring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman, the film is a bit of a cult classic these days, and what better way to celebrate than with your very own V mask and a whole bunch of fireworks, because why do you have to celebrate Guy Fawkes in November?

The Fifth Element

18th March | As a massive fan of the Luc Besson directed movie Fifth Element, I don’t really need an excuse to celebrate it’s amazingness, but since the 18th March 2263 is the date that Leeloo first comes into existence and drops into the back of Korban Dallas’ cab, it seems like the perfect day to dedicate to the film. Re-watch the movie (for the millionth time) and make sure you channel Ruby Rhod throughout the day.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

19th March | Another favourite movie of mine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, starring Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey, turns 15 today. If you’ve never seen the film, then what the hell are you doing with your life?? Watch it, love it, contemplate it, then watch it again and love it even more. And then book a trip to Montauk so you can live out your Joel and Clementine fantasies.

Alien Abduction Day

20th March | The 20th March isn’t just the first day of Spring, it’s also known as Alien Abduction day – to extra-terrestrial fans – and it’s dedicated to the people who believe in the paranormal. If you think that aliens might well be real, then this day is for you. Watch your favourite Alien flicks, and watch the skies for UFO’s whilst reading scary abduction stories online.

31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019 | The Purge

The Purge

21st March | In an alternate universe, or maybe a not so distant future, we could be taking part in The Purge on this very day. At exactly 7pm on the 21st March, until the morning of the 22nd, Purger’s can commit any crime they like, including murder. For now though, maybe just stick to watching the movies, or you could pen out that Purge list of yours for a rainy day.

Wonder Woman

22nd March | Moulded out of clay from the shores of Themyscira, and forged from a soul left by from creation, Diana Prince was a gift from the gods to Queen Hippolyta, and the 22nd March commemorates the day she was made. She’s a complete badass while still being compassionate as hell, and so, today is dedicated to Wonder Woman.

Ravenclaw Pride Day

23rd March | As a Ravenclaw myself, I couldn’t resist adding Ravenclaw Pride day to the list of things to celebrate this month, but if you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin or Hufflepuff, then fear not – you each have a day to revel in as well. The 20th March is for Hufflepuff, 21st is for Slytherin and the 22nd for Gryffindor, so show some hogwarts pride an celebrate everything you love about your house.

Breakfast Club

24th March | Although John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club was released in February 1985, the story was actually set on the 24th March 1984, which makes today Breakfast Club day! Unfortunately, it’s a Sunday, so no Saturday detention for you, but why not make up your own weekend breakfast club and celebrate with brunch and friends, and maybe some cheesy outfits.

31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019 | Tolkien Reading Day

Tolkien Reading Day

25th March | Tolkien Reading Day was created by the Tolkien Society in 2003 to celebrate the works of JRR Tolkien and to encourage fans to celebrate his books. The 25th March was chosen because that is the date in The Return of the King that Sauron is defeated and the ring is destroyed – Gondorian New Year as some know it. If you’ve been thinking about doing a LOTR marathon, might I suggest today?

Doctor Who

26th March | There have been many reincarnations of the Doctor, dating all the way back to 1963, but if you are like myself, then you’re probably most familiar with the Ninth Doctor onwards. On the 26th March, 2005, Christopher Eccleston debuted as the 9th Doctor Who, and gave us the Doctor we now know and love. The 26th March also brought us Rose and subsequently some of the best storylines in the Doctor Who series.

What We Do In The Shadows

27th March | After the success of the 2014 mockumentary, What We Do in the Shadows, Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi are back with a television series based on the film, and today is its premiere date. Based around three vampire roommates living in New York, the show hits FX on the 27th March. Make sure you’re wearing your shiniest fangs for the occasion.

Virginia Woolf

28th March | Considered one of the most important female authors of the 20th century, Virginia Woolf was a literary pioneer, and the 28th March marks the day of her death – so what better day to celebrate her life. Pick up your favourite Woolf novel, or visit her old haunts in Bloomsbury. Learn all about her fascinating life and explore her theories for yourself.

31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019 | Ready Player One

Ready Player One

29th March | One of the best movies to come out of last year, Ready Player One was released on the 29th March 2018. Staring Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Simon Pegg and Mark Rylance, the movie was based on the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline. It’s packed full of pop culture references, so why not celebrate its anniversary with your own day of nostalgia – play those old games you never defeated, and watch that film you’ve seen a thousand times already.

Earth Hour

30th March | Earth Hour is an annual movement organised by WWF to encourage people everywhere to turn off non-essential electrical lights for just one hour between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. Just a single hour – do you reckon you could do that? It’s their way of raising awareness to energy consumption, and what started out as an event in one city, has spread to over 7,00 across 180+ countries.

The Matrix

31st March | The Matrix is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year – yes, the Wachowski directed Sci Fi film is going to be 20 years old on the 31st March. If you’re a Matrix fan then this is the perfect day to re-watch the trilogy, but it’s also a great day to celebrate everything Keanu Reeves, because why bloody not! I can’t think of a better way to end the month really.

What are you going to be celebrating this month? Is there anything specific you have to look forward to? How’s March looking so far?

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11 thoughts on “31 Geeky Things to Celebrate in March 2019

  1. Oh my gosh I had no idea it was Ravenclaw pride day! I will have to post something up for that!
    Also, Ready Player One is one of my favourite books, so when the film came out and it ACTUALLY did the book justice I was so pleased and wrote up a post about it 😀
    Happy March! I have to say March is one of my favourite months – it’s always so full of optimism and making amazing plans for the year! Plus, Spring is here!

    Also Emma, thank you for the Vienna tips – I have 1 post up and another one posting soon about it! I had a fantastic time and it’s all thanks to you!

    Amy x
    Writing into the Ether


    1. I don’t think I’m normally that inspired by March, but after seeing what it has in store, I’m the most motivated I’ve been all year. And bless you – hearing that you had an amazing time in Vienna genuinely makes me so happy. It’s all I want – to inspire people to go to some of the beautiful places they might not normally go – so seriously, thank you for trusting me and embarking on your own little adventure. I can’t wait to read your post Amy.


  2. That’s an awesome list! There’s so many things I didn’t even know about! Apart from Captain Marvel coming out today, that is also one I’ve been waiting for for forever! :) xx


    1. Thank you :) I think it’s my calling, haha, to find things people can celebrate everyday. Oh god, have you seen Captain Marvel yet? I went to watch it last night. I just.. I can’t.. It was so good.


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