5 Marvel Movies to Watch Before WandaVision

At the end of the week, WandaVision will Premiere on Disney+ kickstarting Phase 4 of the Cinematic Universe – and I couldn’t be more excited. But whilst I’m smug enough to say I’m completely up to date with all the Marvel films, that might not be the case for everyone else.

WandaVision is going to be the first in a long line of Marvel movies and TV series getting released throughout 2021, so I’d highly recommend working your way through the Marvel Universe when you have the time, but if you do not, don’t fret – there are only a few films you need to see to get completely up to date with the characters in WandaVision.



You might be thinking Thor is a strange place to start whilst preparing for WandaVision, but one of the movies’ supporting characters – Darcy – is going to be making an appearance in the show. Darcy is Jane Fosters intern when they first come across Thor. She provides a lot of comic relief throughout the movie, so I imagine she’ll still be as witty as ever. We last saw her in Thor: The Dark World, where she was helping Erik Selvig stop Malekith.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

This is the first time we see Wanda Maximoff and her twin brother, Pietro (Quicksilver) – if you don’t count the end credit scene in The Winter Soldier. It delves into their back story, and how they ended up working with Hydra. It also holds an incredibly pivotal moment in Wanda’s life – the death of her brother. By the end of the movie, she becomes a fully fledged member of the Avengers and meets Vision – who is also introduced for the first time earlier on in he film. Vision was created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, by combining the consciousness of super computer, Jarvis, with the mind stone – the mind stone that also gave Wanda and Pietro their powers.

Captain America: Civil War

In Captain America: Civil War, you see a relationship starting to blossom between Wanda and Vision. Vision has been put in charge of making sure she doesn’t leave Avengers HQ, so they end up spending a lot of time together. They eventually find themselves on different sides of the Sokovia Accords – Wanda joins Captain America, and Vision joins Iron Man – but that doesnt stop him from trying to protect her during the big fight scene, ultimately injuring War Machine in the process.

Avengers: Infinity War

When we see the duo in Infinity War, they are hiding out in Edinburgh together – completely smitten with one another. By this point, Thanos knows Vision has the mind stone, so comes after him, and Wanda does everything in her power to protect him – but it isn’t enough. Wanda has to watch him die at the hands of the villan and say goodbye to him forever. Its the last time we see the two together. Obviously, we know he returns in WandaVision, we’ve seen him in the trailer – but the question is how. Infinity War is probably the most important movie to watch before the new TV series.

Captain Marvel

Darcy isn’t the only other Marvel character appearing in WandaVision. The series will see the return of Monica Rambeau from Captain Marvel, who was the daughter of Carol Danvers’ best friend – Maria. Monica was just a child in Captain Marvel, which was set in the 90’s, so she will be appearing as an adult in WandaVision.


Ant-Man and The Wasp

Whilst it’s not the most important movie to watch before WandaVision, Ant-Man and The Wasp does introduce another supporting character that will appear in the show – Jimmy Woo. He was the CIA agent on Soctt Lang’s tail whilst he was on house arrest, but it looks like he’s traded his badge for a role within SWORD and will probably be in charge of figuring out how to get Wanda back to reality.

WandaVision is scheduled to Premiere the first two episodes of the series on 15th January. Will you be watching the show? If so, do you remember the events leading up to the series or will you need a refresher? Let me know which movies you’ll be watching below..

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4 thoughts on “5 Marvel Movies to Watch Before WandaVision

    1. It really is. Absolutely loved the episodes too. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect if I’m completely honest – don’t know why I was worried at all.


    1. I did. I watched 1 and 2, and loved them both, a lot. Trying to decide whether to write a post about my thoughts because I noticed a few strange things going on and wondered whether anyone else did as well.


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