Museum Context | A Harry Potter Inspired Store in Edinburgh

In my mission to catch up with posts, and share some of the places I visited towards the end of last year, I thought I’d write about one of my favourite stores from a recent trip to Edinburgh – Museum Context. It’s bursting at the seams with Harry Potter goodies, and is a must visit if you’re a Potterhead like me, and find yourself in the city.

The small, purple shop is relatively new to Edinburgh – I believe it only opened last year. Found down the famous Victoria Street, which itself is meant to be J.K. Rowling’s’ inspiration for Diagon Alley, it’s the perfect addition to the already colourful, cobbled road.

Inside, the shop oozes Hogwarts. With wooden floors, stone walls, and every available space packed with shelves, it feels like your walking into Olivanders, only they stock more than just wands. From T-shirts, to signs, books, and even a huge selection of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, you’ll find something for everyone.

The shop isn’t exclusively filled with licenced products either. There are plenty of one of a kind Harry Potter gifts made by local creatives – like this amazing colourful pilgrimage map of Rowling locations in Edinburgh. I couldn’t get enough of the little hot air balloons scattered throughout the rooms either – though I’m not sure how they’re related to Harry Potter.

The building itself is pretty small, even with two floors, so only a limited few can enter at once. I’ve heard people mention they had to queue, but we arrived on a Saturday morning and walked straight in. It was cramped, but not claustrophobic, and at one point, Jess and I were the only people upstairs, so I could take lots of photos.

And you’ll want to take lots of photos, believe me, because gifts aren’t the only things this little gem has to offer. Every inch of Museum Context is decorated with Harry Potter references, like ‘Beware the Dog’ written on the stairs, a hanging dementor, and a cupboard under the stairs.

I’ve heard that Museum Context has a sister store down Cockburn Street. I didn’t visit it myself, but I will be checking it out next time I’m in Edinburgh, and will definitely be going back to the flagship store. Have you ever been to the Museum Context? Would you like to visit a Harry Potter store? Let me know below.

8 thoughts on “Museum Context | A Harry Potter Inspired Store in Edinburgh

  1. This is so cool! I *might* be heading to Edinburgh later this year so I’ll have to remember to add it to my agenda!


    1. You are absolutely going to love Edinburgh if you do end up going, there’s so much to see – especially if you’re slightly geeky orientated.


  2. We loved Museum Context when we were there in October! This one is better than their sister location (which we also visited- which has a wider range of geeky stuff but fewer awesome decorations). It’s here that I grabbed a Ravenclaw scarf, and we probably spent an hour and a half just looking at the decor. How they manage to cram so much in that space without it feeling dangerously claustrophobic is beyond me. But considering all the nooks and crannies of Edinburgh that feel like Diagon Alley, this place was a fun stop. Have you been to Blackfriars?


    1. I think I must have spent about an hour and a half there as well, it was just so pretty and full of interesting things to see. And I completely agree, the whole of Edinburgh felt like it came out of Harry Potter. Did you get to see much else when you were in Edinburgh?


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