Geek Picks of the Week

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Pokemon Go Necklaces| I briefly mentioned that I had been playing Pokemon Go on the blog a couple of weeks ago, but I doubt any of you realised how addicted I actually am. Now at level 20, I have been playing this game every other day since its release and have no intention of stopping any time soon. In fact, I’m now contemplating representing Team Valor (fist bumps for my fellow Reds) in a more obvious way, and think these necklaces are perfect for some subtle fandom worshipping. What do you think.

Adventure Journal | I’ve only been back from Spain for a week, but my brain is already thinking about where it wants to take my body next. Having had a bit of a break from travelling recently, I am desperate to get back into it and I think this gorgeous map covered journal is the exact thing I need to help with inspiration. Perfect for those planning holidays away, or recording them. I’d personally use it for both. Also, new stationary – so much love for new stationary.

Stranger Things T-Shirt | Has anyone else had a Stranger Things binge fest yet? I finally caved and watched it over the weekend, and boy am I in love. It’s basically this giant love letter to the 80’s. Imagine a Goonies, Alien, ET hybrid – with some Star Wars and Evil Dead references thrown in for fun. It’s massively nostalgic, with an exceptional cast, and amazing soundtrack; and this t-shirt by Zerobriant is the best representation of it I’ve seen to date. A Stranger Things / ET crossover – perfect.

Ilvermorny Wands | It’s quite a year for Harry Potter isn’t it! With Fantastic Beasts, and The Cursed Child, not to mention all the news about Ilvermorny – the American school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. A new school with new houses; Horned Serpent, Pukwudgie, Wampus, and Thunderbird, and with them, beautiful new wands. Seriously, are these not the most stunning wands you’ve ever seen. JustALevel have created a set of unique wands for each house based on their personality traits.

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