Set Jetting | Aysgarth Falls

Whilst other girls were swooning over Prince Charming and Eric from their favourite Disney movies, I found myself a little bit in love with a small orange fox called Robin Hood, and have admittedly been obsessed with the character ever since. No, but in all honesty, I don’t think there has been a single Robin Hood movie that I haven’t loved, and my absolute favourite … Continue reading Set Jetting | Aysgarth Falls

Iron Man 2 Filming Locations | California and Monaco

I’ve gotten pretty far behind on my Marvel Movie Marathon, but this weekend has been a quiet one for Jess and I, so we’ve started to get back on track with our re-watch. The next movie on the agenda is Iron Man 2, so after getting myself re-acquainted, I’m back with some movie locations for you to add to your film set bucket list. Iron … Continue reading Iron Man 2 Filming Locations | California and Monaco