Set Jetting | Aysgarth Falls

Whilst other girls were swooning over Prince Charming and Eric from their favourite Disney movies, I found myself a little bit in love with a small orange fox called Robin Hood, and have admittedly been obsessed with the character ever since.

No, but in all honesty, I don’t think there has been a single Robin Hood movie that I haven’t loved, and my absolute favourite is probably the 1991 version – Prince of Thieves – starring Kevin Costner.

When I found out I was heading up to Yorkshire to visit family, I put Aysgarth Falls to the top of my list of things to see. Why? Because some of the movie was filmed there.

Can you remember the scene where Robin Hood has to take on Little John to be able to cross a river? They battle it out mid-stream, and both end up pushing each other off the falls. Well that’s Aysgrath.

On our first full day in the county, I convinced my mum to drive us up through the Yorkshire Dales, towards the waterfall in Wenslydale – yes, like the cheese.

It was absolute hell getting there – the Dales are full of these tiny, winding tracks that climb up steep mountain sides and it is terrifying. Still, we eventually made it, in one piece, and pulled into a car park not far from the falls.

You can see Aysgarth Falls pretty well from the bridge crossing the River Ure, but we wanted to get a better view – and I wanted to see the exact location Costner fell – so we went on a little hike to the very top.

The triple tierd waterfall really was quite spectacular. Gallons of water cascaded down over the limestone steps making a deafening sound, while famalies sat relaxed in a nearby field eating picnic food.

I must have taken hundreds of photos, trying to find the exact locations used to shoot the film. Annoyingly, some of the scenes were shot from the other side of the river, which you can’t actually get to, but I still left pretty happy with what I had seen.

Have you seen Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves before? Do you remember the scene I’m talking about? Have you ever visited a film set before? Where do you think I should head to next?

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4 thoughts on “Set Jetting | Aysgarth Falls

  1. My other half loves Prince of Thieves, I get annoyed by it as I’m from Nottingham and so was brought up on Robin Hood! I don’t dislike the film, but “Sherwood” isn’t my Sherwood!


    1. That’s awesome! I visited Nottingham and Sherwood for the first time a couple of months back and it felt so surreal being somewhere I’ve only ever really heard about in fiction.


    1. Thank you :) lining up the scene isn’t too bad, the hardest part is making sure there’s no glare from the sun. I was pretty fortunate here as it was pretty overcast.


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