Set Jetting | Aysgarth Falls

Whilst other girls were swooning over Prince Charming and Eric from their favourite Disney movies, I found myself a little bit in love with a small orange fox called Robin Hood, and have admittedly been obsessed with the character ever since. No, but in all honesty, I don’t think there has been a single Robin Hood movie that I haven’t loved, and my absolute favourite … Continue reading Set Jetting | Aysgarth Falls

Life Lately | Live Music, Robin Hood and The North

Since it’s been literally forever a little while since I’ve updated Geeky Tourist, I thought the beginning of the month – Hello October! – would be the perfect time to stop procrastinating, pull my finger out, and give you guys a bit of an update as to why I’ve been so vacant. The short story? I’ve been super busy. I honestly don’t think I’m exaggerating … Continue reading Life Lately | Live Music, Robin Hood and The North