Super Bowl 2018 | Must Watch Trailers and Teasers

It’s the morning after the Eagles vs Patriots game, and I am getting a flurry of messages from friends and social media telling me to watch this trailer and that teaser. Is Super Bowl the new San Diego Comic Con? I almost wish I stayed up to watch the game – almost. I bloody love trailers, but not enough to miss 4+ hours of slumber.

If you’re like me and value your sleep, I’ve gathered all the trailers worth watching so you don’t have to track each one down yourself.

Which one is your favourite? I’m glad to see a few teasers for my most anticipated movies of 2018, and am super stoked for the new Westworld, but I honestly think the Jurassic World trailer has excited me the most.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom

The Cloverfield Paradox

Mission Impossible Fallout

Avengers: Infinity War

A Quiet Place

Red Sparrow


Castle Rock

Tom Clancy’s: Jack Ryan



16 thoughts on “Super Bowl 2018 | Must Watch Trailers and Teasers

  1. No lie I had a massive squee attack when the infinity war trailer aired.


  2. I didn’t watch all the trailers as am in a hurry at the minute, but…Avengers probably got my attention when Iron Man did a kill steal move on Dr Strange. Typical Stark! Jurassic park looked glitzy, but didn’t grab me. Same with Mission Impossible. Krypton, I forgot that was happening, and that looks cool. As does Cloverfield Paradox which popped up on Netflix today. Thanks for sharing


    1. Haha, yes! I noticed that too. Shame on Tony Stark. I really wished we’d seen a little more from Avengers though. And I kind of get you’re point about the glitzyness (not sure if that’s a word but oh well) of Jurassic World, but that is totally my thing. Love a bit of glitz. I just hope that wasn’t it. Mission Impossible is probably the one I’m least excited for.


    1. Yay, someone else looking forward to Jurassic World. So many people are meh about it, but I thought it was one of the best trailers if I’m being honest!

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