Five Fictional Cities I’d love to visit in real life

Have you ever watched a movie, or read a book, and thought – I’d really love to visit that world, or that town, or even that cafe? It happens to me all the time.

Just the other day, I was at the cinema watching the new Black Panther movie, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing Wakanda looked – the ultimate travel destination. Seriously, if that country was real, I would already be on a flight there.

And it got me thinking, what other fictional places would I like to visit? Middle Earth? Hogwarts? The Tardis?

So I’m starting a new segment on the blog, paying tribute to the fictional places that I couldn’t exactly put on my bucket list – and I encourage you all to join me.

Today it’s all about Fictional Cities. What Fictional Cities would you love to visit if they were real? Let me know in the comments, or better yet, write your own post! There are so many to chose from but here are the five I’d like to visit the most!

Gotham City

Five Fictional Cities I'd Love To Visit | Gotham City

Reminiscent of New York, only slightly darker and more corrupt (if that’s even possible), Gotham is the fictional home of Batman – which is reason itself to want to visit the city, because who doesn’t want to run into the Dark Knight on a night out?

It’s home to Wayne Enterprises, Gotham Academy, and Arkham Asylum – which I’m hoping you can tour. You can also check out Ace Chemical Processing – where the Joker became The Joker, The Clocktower – Barbara Gordon’s secret headquarters, and Crime Alley – the street where Joe Chill famously killed Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Not everything in Gotham is so morbid though. If you’ve after some fun, there’s the Iceberg Lounge, a nightclub run by the Penguin, and Amusement Mile, which is a theme park – just don’t visit when the Joker decides to visit.

New New York

Five Fictional Cities I'd Love To Visit | New New York (Futurama)

New New York is another city based on New York, from the Futurama universe. You can actually still visit 2018 NYC, or Old New York, whilst you’re there – you’ll just have to head down the sewer system to find it.

Other things worth checking out – the Head Museum, showcasing the most influential heads of all time, Madison Cube Garden, where there’s always something interesting on show, and if you’re after something tasty, Elzar’s Fine Cuisine is worth a visit, just don’t order the Human Broth. Oh and don’t forget to grab a Slurpie.

Most excitingly however, is the public transport. I’d love to ride in the Tube Transport System, where you can travel to different places via a pneumatic tube. Spaceships and hover crafts would also be fun to test out.

City of Asgard

Five Fictional Cities I'd Love To Visit | Asgard (Thor)

Home to Thor and Loki, the City of Asgard is the capital of Asgard – one of the nine realms. They have incredibly advanced technology, along with a freaking Rainbow Road that will take you wherever you want to go, and crazy awesome flying Viking boats.

Asgard Palace is probably the most impressive building in the whole of the city, and has amazing views over the capital. More excitingly however, is Odin’s vault, which lies directly underneath the Palace, and holds rare relics, such as the Tesseract and the Eternal Flame.

Don’t forget to check out the Hall of Heroes and the Dungeons, to take a look at both the famous and infamous. The Yggasdral Monument is also worth a visit – it’s a giant Tree of Life. However I’d basically be there for Heimdall.


Five Fictional Cities I'd Love To Visit | Pawnee (Parks and Rec)

Pawnee in Indiana is the fictional city that appears in Parks and Recreation – home to future president, Leslie Knope. If you’re a fan of open space, waffles, and tiny horses, then this is the place for you – and is definitely the place for me.

First stop would be the City Hall to see the Parks and Rec team in action – and to get a quick shoe shine from Andy – also, don’t forget to take a look at the rather graphic murals on your way out. And make sure to visit JJ’s Diner for a giant plate of breakfast foods.

You’ve also got Pawnee Zoo, which is home to the world’s very first pair of gay penguins, Food and Stuff which is every meat lover’s dream, along with the countless parks that Leslie helped build. Make sure to stick around for one of Pawnee’s festivals where you may get to see Mouse Rat perform.

Stars Hollow

Five Fictional Cities I'd Love To Visit | Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls)

Stars Hollow isn’t exactly a city – it’s more of a tiny town, or a large hamlet – but it made the list because I’ve wanted to visit here for god knows home many years. Home to Lorelai and Rory – the Gilmore Girls – this place is full of community spirit, fun festivals, and quirky stores. Basically heaven.

You’ve got Luke’s Diner for Coffee – lots of coffee – Kim’s Antiques for overpriced furniture, The Dragonfly Inn for tasty treats made by Sookie, and Doose’s Market for all of your grocery buying needs. You can even buy the world’s biggest pizza from Antonioli’s Restaurant.

Most excitingly though are the events held in Stars Hollow Square. There are movie nights, and Easter egg hunts, the town hayride, and the Revolutionary War Re-enactments. I personally love the Winter carnival, and the Bid-a-Basket festival – I would bid the hell out of those baskets.

18 thoughts on “Five Fictional Cities I’d love to visit in real life

  1. Asgard, now that is a great choice! Though, as muh as I love Batman I have to say Gotham you can keep!. On my list would be Atlantis, from the DC universe, Dinotopia from the TV Series (quite a few years old now…), Atlantis from Stargate Atlantis (It isn’t cheating when they are two different things entirely), Deep Space 9 and Babylon 5 (Yes, the last two are space stations but I think they still count). I enjoy futurama, not sure I would want to go to New New York, and the other 2 I am not familiar with. Great post!


    1. Yeah, I’ve gotta say, if I wasn’t such a Batman fangirl, then I’m not sure I’d be picking Gotham. It’s crime rate is far too high. Ooo.. You’ve got some great picks! Not sure how I didn’t think of at least one version of Atlantis. And space stations are practically small cities so of course they count! I’ve never seen Dinotopia though – is it any good?


      1. I remember enjoying it. It was a mini series and then a TV series. Made by hallmark if I recall. About a father and two sons who crash their light plane in the ocean during a storm. They find an uncharted island hidden by perpetual storm and a barrier reef. They find a civilisation that lives in harmony with vegetarian dinosaurs with a teach level somewhere around Roman. They use gems that repel carnivores. It was interesting. Another city I would choose is Laputa from the Ghibli film Laputa castle in the sky


    1. It really is! I hope they end up putting it on Netflix in the near future, as I think it will gain a lot more appreciation if it’s easily accessible. And thank you :) which cities would you pick?


    1. Definitely! Rory and Lorelai always seem to order the tastiest looking food! And thanks Megan – I’ve already told you multiple times in various places, haha, but I think it’s very lovely of you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a sad sad day when I found out too. I don’t even think it was filmed in a real place, so there’s no set to visit either – unless you go on a studio tour, which I may actually end up doing one day because have you even lived if you’ve never had coffee at Luke’s diner? And I don’t even like coffee.


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