The Ultimate Geeky Bucket List

We all have life goals and dreams that we want to accomplish before we no longer have the chance to achieve them. I personally have more than I can count on my two hands – ten times over. From places I want to visit, to things I want to experience, I’ve been recording everything that interests me over the past 5 years and have managed to create quite the hefty bucket list.

The only problem is, I add things far more frequently than I cross off, which means there’s a lot of stuff on there that I’m not entirely sure I want to do anymore. I’ve changed so much over the years that certain priorities once important to me, don’t particularly matter now, and the more I look at these un-inspiring goals, the less I acknowledge the one’s I actually want to cross off.

In an attempt to bring back passion for my bucket list, I’ve given it a bit of a re-vamp to reflect who I am as a person today, and in true Geeky Tourist fashion, it’s full of quirky, nerdy, random things that will help fuel my love of travel, and hopefully push back that anxious feeling I get when I’m not living life to its fullest.

Have you got a bucket list? Is there anything you’d recommend? I have no intention to stop adding to mine, so if there’s anything you think I’d love, let me know.

  1. Search for UFO’s at Roswell
  2. Visit Area 51
  3. See a meteor crater
  4. Witness a live space shuttle launch
  5. Take a tour of NASA
  6. Experience weightlessness
  7. Gawp at the Large Hadron Collider
  8. Explore the Lego Headquarters
  9. Stay in a Lego Hotel
  10. Build a 1000+ piece Lego set
  11. Check out the largest Star Wars collection in the world at Rancho Obi Wan
  12. See the Yoda Fountain at Lucas Films
  13. Attend a Comic Con
  14. Cosplay at a Comic Con
  15. Watch the top 100 science fiction movies of all time
  16. Read the top 100 science fiction novels of all time
  17. Visit Gotham
  18. Visit Metropolis – Superman’s hometown
  19. Check out the future birth place of Captain James T Kirk
  20. Visit the childhood home of Luke Skywalker
  21. Visit Sherlock’s home at Baker Street
  22. Sing the Ghostbusters theme tune at the Ghostbusters HQ
  23. Visit the House on the Rock
  24. Explore Jurassic Park
  25. Visit Kings Landing
  26. Visit Hobbiton
  27. Hike through Mordor
  28. Go to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
  29. Attend a Labyrinth Masquerade Ball
  30. Attend a Yule Ball
  31. Buy school supplies from Diagon Alley
  32. Buy sweets from Hogsmede
  33. Visit Hogwarts
  34. Walk through walls at Platform 9 ¾
  35. Ride the Hogwarts Express
  36. Go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour
  37. Go on the Studio Ghibli Tour
  38. Go to the Doctor Who Experience
  39. Hunt vampires in Whitby
  40. Search for Dracula at his castle in Transylvania
  41. Have a Star Wars marathon
  42. Have a Hobbit/LOTR marathon
  43. Search for the Holy Grail in the Ruins of Petra
  44. Look for The Mummy at the Pyramids of Giza
  45. Send ET home at Redwood National Park
  46. Raid tombs at Angkor Wat
  47. Fight Gladiators at the Colosseum
  48. Do an Angels and Demons tour of Rome
  49. Dress up like a Geisha in Kyoto
  50. Go ‘Into the wild’ in Alaska
  51. Get a ‘Hangover’ in Las Vegas
  52. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  53. Build a Rube Goldberg machine
  54. Follow in Darwin’s footprints at the Galapagos Islands
  55. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  56. Walk on Water in Bolivia
  57. Kayak in the Sea of Stars
  58. Hunt for glow worms in the Waitomo Caves
  59. Climb the Stairway to Heaven
  60. Cross the Bridge of the Immortals
  61. See the Waterfall of Gods
  62. Swim in Devils Pool
  63. Stand on the center of the Earth
  64. Stand on the Eastern and Western hemispheres at the same time
  65. Ride a hoverboard like Marty Mcfly
  66. Ride a jetpack like the Jetsons
  67. Drive a Chevy Impala across America
  68. Be part of a zombie survival game
  69. Escape an Escape Room
  70. Solve a murder mystery
  71. Go on a Bigfoot expedition
  72. Search for the Loch Ness Monster
  73. Track down El Dorado
  74. Dig for dinosaur remains
  75. Hunt witches in Salem
  76. Stay a night in Alcatraz
  77. Go on a Jack the Ripper tour around London
  78. Go on a superhero tour around New York
  79. Attend a Premiere
  80. Go to a midnight screening in costume
  81. Watch a movie at a drive in theater
  82. Visit a film set
  83. Be an extra in a film/TV series
  84. Be part of a live audience
  85. Go to a live Ted Talk
  86. Spend the night in a museum
  87. Go on every ride at Disney World
  88. Visit every Disney park
  89. Go to a Star Wars weekend
  90. Explore the Avatar Mountains
  91. Stargaze from a glass igloo
  92. Stargaze at a dark sky reserve
  93. See the Aurora Borealis
  94. Have a star named after me
  95. Become a Jedi Knight
  96. Become a Pokemon Master
  97. Catch every Pokemon
  98. Become a comic book character
  99. Try Larping
  100. Go to a Renaissance fair
  101. Play a full game of Dungeons and Dragons
  102. Stay in a themed room
  103. Stay in a themed hotel
  104. Track down a Geocache
  105. Go treasure hunting
  106. Spend a night on a deserted Island
  107. Explore a shipwreck
  108. Read 52 books in one year
  109. Read the entire works of Shakespeare
  110. Watch a Shakespearian play at the Globe Theater
  111. Find all the Space Invaders in Paris
  112. Dance all night at Mardis Gras
  113. Dress up as a skeleton at Dias de los Muertas
  114. Celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge
  115. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany
  116. Celebrate Something every day for a year
  117. Say yes every day for a month – like Yes Man
  118. Go on a ghost walk
  119. Visit a haunted house
  120. Stay in a haunted house
  121. Survive the Bermuda Triangle
  122. Survive a trip to Chernobyl
  123. Chase a tornado
  124. Watch a volcano erupt
  125. Learn a second language
  126. Learn sign language
  127. Learn how to code
  128. Learn how to pick a lock
  129. Watch my favourite band live
  130. See 100 different bands in one year
  131. See 500 different bands
  132. Go to 10 different music festivals
  133. Unplug for 24 hours
  134. Create the ultimate nerd room
  135. Meet a geek icon
  136. Make a time capsule
  137. Time Travel

16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Geeky Bucket List

  1. Time capsules are fun. When I was in 8th grade, my teacher made us all write a letter and fill it with pictures. He then gave it to us as we graduated from high school. It was cute reading what I wrote and what mattered to me then versus 5 years later.


    1. That’s a really great idea. I’d like to do something similar, maybe looking in the time capsule when I’m an old lady to remind me how much the world has changed.


  2. I highly recommend visiting Jurassic Park! I took a tour of the ranch when I was in Hawaii a few years back and it’s just a beautiful location! I hope you’re able to make it there one day!


    1. I’ve wanted to go to Hawaii for like, well, forever, and seeing the Jurassic Park set has always been my main goal there, along with the hotel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, haha. I can’t believe you actually got to go. I bet it was amazing. Did you get to drive around in a jeep?


  3. These are fantastic! I came here to recommend the Doctor Who Experience (which I see is on your list) but sadly it’s closed! I really missed out on going. Fingers crossed they decided to open it back up one day.


    1. Ah, that’s a shame. I actually managed to visit a couple of years ago – coincided it with a gig in Cardiff – but my camera broke so I didn’t get to take any photos and wanted to go again. Hopefully they will bring it to London or something.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s probably even more HP stuff I could add as I want to do EVERYTHING but I think I at least covered the most important things.


  4. I have my own geeky bucket list I’ve been growing for a solid 1.5 years now. I’ll make it into a post someday. Haha. It’s cool to see how different your list is from mine. I think it would be very neat and humbling to see a volcano exploding.


    1. Yeah, you definitely should, it would be cool to compare. I always love snooping at other bucket lists in case there’s something amazing I just never though of.


  5. I’ve only done a couple of these things, which makes me feel so unaccomplished. lol. I’ve never really had a full bucket list before — maybe I should make one. :)


    1. You should! Compiling it was so much fun, and then when you cross things off it feels amazing. But I guess that’s a personal thing as I bloody love lists. Haha, also, I’ve only managed to cross off about 10 things so fan so know how you feel!


  6. WOW GIRL!! You have so many cool things on your list. I definitely also want take a tour of NASA. Take me with youuuu!!!!!


    1. Definitely! If I’m ever over your way, I’ll hit you up and we can go on the ultimate nerdy adventure / geeky bucket list crossing off


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