Fun Travel Gifts For Unicorn Lovers

As I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, I noticed a larger than normal amount of unicorn related photo’s. I’m no stranger to the occasional snap of a multi-coloured hot chocolate with added sugar horn, or a slumber party exclusively for those in a unicorn onesie, but today I’ve seen non stop unicorn goodies, and I’ve finally found out why – it’s National Unicorn Day.

In a world where pizza has its own holiday – it’s the 9th February if you were curious – and where you’re encouraged to be aware of Velociraptors on the 18th April (something to mark in your diaries), a day for the Unicorn doesn’t really seem that strange. In fact, I’m pretty damned excited that the mythical creatures have a chance to be celebrated, so I’ve created today’s post with my fellow unicorn lover’s in mind. Here are some fun things to take on your next adventure guys.

Unicorn Rucksack

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Rucksack

If you’re a hand luggage fan like myself – I like having somewhere to store books and snacks when I’m on a flight – a decent rucksack is probably your first port of call. Your best bet is a medium sized rucksack that you can fit under the seat in front of you – unless you’re only taking carry on, in which case you’ll need something a little bit bigger. This cutie is the perfect size.

Available at Kohl’s for £17. They also stock these lovely patterned bags as well.

Unicorn Passport Holder & Luggage Tag

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Passport Holder

This passport and luggage tag gift set is perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their baggage. The tag will definitely make you’re bags an easier spot on the conveyor belts, and the passport holder will get you noticed at check in – hopefully for the good reason. Did someone say upgrade!

Available at Amazon for £11.32.

Hooded Unicorn Travel Pillow

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Travel Pillow

I don’t normally use travel pillows when I fly because I very rarely sleep on planes, but as soon as I saw these they went to the top of my want list. Not only do they keep your neck secure on flights, but they also keep your head and ears warm – and hide that dreaded post flight hair. Plus, you basically get to become a unicorn.

Available at AliExpress for £6.50.

Unicorn Sleep Mask

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Eye Mask

Another way to get more sleep on flights and stay uber comfortable at the same time is by wearing a sleeping mask, and these are the most adorable one’s I’ve seen. Can you imagine wearing the travel pillow with this as well – you’d be one step away from becoming Voldemort’s dinner.

Available at Etsy for £18.43.

Unicorn Face Mask

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Face Mask

Being stuck on a flight is the perfect time to do a little self care, and since the atmosphere on a plane is notoriously bad for your skin, face masks are a great way to keep rejuvenated. They’re also fun, especially when they’re shaped like a unicorn, and they’ll leave you feeling refreshed and glowing once you head off on your adventures.

Available at Topshop for £5.

Rainbow Unicorn Manicure Set

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Manicure Set

Something super handy to keep on you wherever you go, this manicure set comes equipped with scissors, tweezers, nail clippers and a nail file, all stored in the sweetest unicorn case. It’s small enough to fit in any bag, or even your pocket, so you can always keep those sparkly unicorn nails in check wherever you go.

Available from Prezzybox for £5.99.

Magical Unicorn Socks

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Socks

Who else takes off their shoes when they get on the plane? My feet feel so claustrophobic when I fly, that I just wear socks for the entire flight. I like to make sure I’ve got a nice new pair to wear, which are as cute as they are comfortable. These particular socks come in a two pack, so you can wear one pair to your destination, and one pair back home.

Available from Firebox for £7.79.

Unicorn Guide to Life

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Unicorn Guide

I love reading on flights. It make’s the trip go much faster, and it’s usually quite peaceful because everyone else is plugged into their own systems. I find the best material is something you can consume in one sitting, short and sweet, and ideally entertaining. This Unicorn Guide to life is perfect, plus who doesn’t want to learn about looking good and feeling great.

Available from Topshop for £7.99.

Unicorn Portable Charger

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Charger

The portable charger is an absolute necessity when travelling. I always have mine on me, along with numerous cables to charge a variety of different gadgets, from my phone to my camera – both get a lot of use every single day when I’m out and about. This charger is great because it’s so portable, you can just slip it into your back pocket. The fact it looks like a unicorn definitely helps.

Available from IWOOT for £11.99.

Unicorn Speaker

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Speaker

Another things I carry pretty much everywhere is my portable speaker because I love listening to music on the go, and since I very rarely travel alone, there isn’t much of a need for headphones, so a little speaker is great to put around the hotel room. This little unicorn packs a punch in the sound department, but is also small enough to slip into your bag and take to the beach.

Available from Firebox for £9.99.

Inflatable Unicorn Cup Holder

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Inflatable

I see those huge inflatable unicorns all over the place, but always wonder how people manage to fit them in their luggage and take them abroad. I know for a fact that one of those bad boys would not fit in my suitcase, this little guy on the other hand. I can’t think of anything more perfect bobbing around in a hotel swimming pool with my coconut margarita in tow.

Available from AliExpress for £1.

Unicorn Notebook

Fun Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Unicorn Notebook

If you like to keep a travel journal when you go away, or just a journal in general, I have the perfect one for you. This gorgeous notebook is so beautifully decorated with flowers and has a unicorn pride of place. I love the quote they’re added to the front page too – ‘As long as we can dream there will be unicorns’. Seems appropriate since I spend half my life dreaming about travelling.

Available from Etsy for £13.

A few other Unicorn gifts I love

These adorable silk pyjamas from boohoo

This crying unicorn candle – equal parts beautiful and terrifying

Unicorn Tears Gin from Firefox

..which also comes in pink and shimmers

These light up unicorn slippers that blush when you walk

A knit your own unicorn trophy kit which I have literally no skill for but want to try out nonetheless

11 thoughts on “Fun Travel Gifts For Unicorn Lovers

  1. OMG all the things are super cute!!! (I love unicorns, so… I’m doomed!) Maybe the travel pillow would be good for bingewatching things on Netflix from the sofa (we usually steal the cushions from each other so…) :p I need an excuse for one of those!


  2. Love this stuff! I especially like the idea of the travel pillow with a hood on it! For when the sun is in your eyes! That speaker is super cute too! I always worry with themed speakers whether the quality will be good enough!


    1. Yeah, I think that’s probably my favourite thing on there! It just looks like the ultimate cosiest thing in the world.


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