30 Geeky Things to Celebrate in June

When I wrote up my life goals earlier this year, I thought it would be quite some time before I started taking them seriously – I’m an uber procrastinator you see.

We’re now two months on, and I can successfully state that I have crossed a new country off my bucket list, booked a second trip over my birthday in November, put about 25% of my last paycheck into savings, AND I’ve started hitting the gym – that’s four goals well on their way to completion. BOOM YA!

The only goals I haven’t really touched are the ones I expected to be the easiest – Write More and Appreciate/Celebrate. The writing certainly hasn’t happened. Since drafting my goals, I have written a total of one post – ONE. That’s awful isn’t it?

And I haven’t been celebrating either. I’ve found it hard to find the time, which sounds stupid, but finding things to celebrate last minute, even if they’re just silly little things, can be awfully difficult.

So this month I’ve decided to make things easier and have listed out potential geeky events that I can totally fangirl about each day of the month, and I hope you’ll join me for a few of them.

World Outlander Day

1st June | 27 years ago today, Diana Gabaldon published her first Outlander book. Whether you’re a fan of the novel or just the TV series, crack out your kilt and binge watch the show, or if you’re feeling adventurous, head up to Scotland to celebrate the franchise. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Outlander Day

Drawing Day

2nd June | Also known as Pencil Day – which doesn’t have quite the same ring to it – Drawing Day is for art lovers of all abilities. Celebrate by creating your own masterpiece, or maybe just admire the work of others if your abilities don’t stretch that far.

Wonder Woman Day

3rd June | Wonder Woman Day was created last year by DC to celebrate one of their most iconic heroines – Diana Prince. It’s the perfect day to wear those Wonder Woman pants you’ve been saving, or pick up one of the hundreds of comics all about the lady herself. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Wonder Woman Day

National Cheese Day

4th June | One for the food geeks – if you’re a cheese lover, then the 4th June is YOUR day. Cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner – yes please. And don’t forget a side of macaroni cheese.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

5th June | If you’ve ever wondered what day Ferris Bueller skipped school and went on the ultimate adventure around Chicago, then you’re in luck, because today is that day – according to Baseball Prospectus. Celebrate by calling in sick and planning your own epic day off. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Ferris Buellers Day Off

Tetris Day

6th June | How many hours have you wasted playing Tetris? Well you can say thank you to the game that helped perfect your procrastination skills by celebrating its 34th anniversary. Time to find that old Atari console.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

7th June | Can you believe it’s been two years since J.K. Rowling made her return to the Harry Potter franchise? On the 7thJune 2016, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child made its debut at the Palace Theatre, so if you still haven’t seen the show, what better day to watch it. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Harry Potter Cursed Child

Ghostbusters Day

8th June | It’s time to find that Ghostbusters boxset because the movie was released 34 years ago today. Celebrate by going on your own ghost hunt, or visit the Ghostbusters HQ in New York.

Charles Dickens

9th June | Charles Dickens died on the 9thJune, 1870 at the age of 58, which makes today the perfect day to celebrate his life. Pick up one of his novels, or go on a trip to one of the many houses he lived in throughout the UK. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Charles Dickens

Ball Point Pen Day

10th June | The ball point pen is one of the most important inventions of all time. Without it, so many novels would have gone unwritten, so nows your chance to give thanks and buy a brand new pack.

Jurassic Park

11th June | The 11th June marks the 25th anniversary of the original Jurassic Park film, so you know today is all about the dinosaurs. Watch all the movies, catch the latest film in the cinema, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, head off to Isla Nebula. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Jurassic Park

Superman Day

12th June | In 2013, DC dubbed the 12th June Man of Steel day due to the movies’ release. Since then, the date has evolved to encompass everything Superman. Celebrate by making your own kryptonite, or watch your favourite Superman in action.

The Incredible Hulk

13th June | The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for 10 years in 2018, and The Incredible Hulk was one of the movies that started it all. Granted, you’ll see Edward Norton taking the lead instead of Mark Ruffalo, but this movie was the start of an entire franchise of films so show the Hulk some love. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | The Incredible Hulk

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

14th June | Best Robin Hood movie of all time? This Kevin Costner led film is celebrating its 27th birthday this year, so celebrate Robin Hood style by giving to those less fortunate or start up some archery lessons.

National Kiss a Wookie Day

15th June | Han Solo is getting all the attention this month with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but Chewbacca deserves some love too, and what better day than Kiss a Wookie Day. Find your furriest friend and give them a big smooch. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Kiss a Wookie Day

Captain Picard Day

16th June | Captain Picard Day is an annual event held aboard the USS Enterprise for the ships school children. Each year, they draw pictures and create models of Picard’s beautiful bald head, so why not spend the 16th June creating your own masterpiece.

Superman III

17th June | If you didn’t get around to celebrating Superman on the 12th, this month also marks the 35th anniversary of Superman 3 starring Christopher Reeves, so celebrate the Man of Steel a little more by watching Reeves in action. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Superman 3

Last Action Hero

18th June | Celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, Last Action Hero is one of Arnold Schwarzeneggers greatest movies, so why not have a Arnie marathon or star in your very own action movie.

Mulan Day

19th June | Mulan does not get enough credit. She is one of the most kick ass Disney Princesses of all time, and is braver than any other, so what better time to celebrate her than on the 20th Anniversary of her movie. Have a singalong, and spend the day kicking ass Mulan style. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate - Mulan

National Hike with a Geek Day

20th June | Most geeks tend to find themselves cooped up inside quite a lot – myself included – so this 20th of June, grab your favourite geek and head out into the great outdoors for a change of scenery. Go on an adventure like Frodo Baggins, or simply walk up your nearest hill for some fresh air.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

21st June | Not that anyone needs an excuse to celebrate the world of Harry Potter, but today marks the publication release of one of the greatest books from one of the greatest Fandoms, so if you’ve been contemplating a re-read for some time, now is your chance. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix

Luke Cage

22nd June | Season 2 of Marvel’s Luke Cage is released on Netflix today, so you know what that means – Luke Cage Party! The shows soundtrack is a must for any Netflix binge party.

National Pink Day

23rd June | Ok, so the 23rd is technically a Saturday rather than a Wednesday, but I can’t be the only person who automatically thinks of Mean Girls when I hear that there’s a National Pink Day, so watch the movie, or better yet, the new Broadway show. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | National Pink Day

Fairy Day

24th June | Whether you believe in fairies or not, they’re everywhere – in our stories, movies, they even collect our teeth. They appear in just about every culture in the world, so if you’re a fairy fan, 24th is the day for you.

Half Christmas

25th June | If you’re a Workaholics fan then you’ll probably know that the 25th June is Half Christmas, and if you didn’t, well, you do now. Happy Half Christmas! Celebrate Adam, Blake and Anders style with a keg and watch all your favourite xmas flicks. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Half Christmas

Harry Potter Day

26th June | If you’re not all Pottered out, then today is the day to pick up those books, watch those movies, and go on a Harry Potter tour around the UK. Throw the ultimate Harry Potter party, and make sure everyone knows which house you’re in. Ravenclaw over here!

Dobby Day

27th June | Poor Dobby. I don’t think I will ever forgive J. K. Rowling for what she did to you. If you feel the same way, celebrate the adorable house elf on his birthday – 27th June – by finding all the spare socks you can in case another poor elf comes along in need of help.

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Dobby Day

Spider-man Homecoming

28th June | Its only been a year since Spider-man Homecoming was released but the movie deserves a whole day in its honour purely because of how awesome it was. It was hands down the best Spider-man movie all time, so make sure you give it a re-watch.


29th June | Did anyone catch the first season of GLOW – Glamorous Ladies Of Wrestling – because the second season starts on Netflix today, so bust out that leotard, have a go at your favourite wrestling moves, and binge watch the whole series. (photo)

30 Geeky Things to Celebrate June 2018 | Glow

Sailor Moon

30th June | Happy Birthday Sailor Moon. Today marks the birthday of Usagi Tsukino, the schoolgirl who transforms into superheroine Sailor Moon. Celebrate by watching the original series, or try out Sailor Moon Crystal, and don’t forget the cake – we all know Usagi loves food.

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    1. Thanks Heather :) yes, will try and get one of these out monthly if all goes to plan as I love knowing what pop culture events are happening.


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