20 Geeky Swimsuits You Need For Summer

Summer is officially here – hello 30 degree heat – which means it’s time to awaken your inner geeky tourist, book that holiday in the sun, and embrace your bikini body, and what better way to do that than by picking up a nerdy, pop culture swimsuit to distract from those muffin tops you failed to shift at the beginning of the year.

So here are 20 awesomely geeky swims that you need for your Summer holidays – because who doesn’t want to swim in the ocean dressed as the Little Mermaid or sunbathe on the sand dressed like Captain America.

Geeky Swimsuits | Little Mermaid {Disney}

Little Mermaid Bikini

Geeky Swimsuits | Beauty and the Beast {Disney}

Beauty and the Beast Bikini

Geeky Swimsuits | Anna Frozen {Disney}

Anna (Frozen) Bikini

Geeky Swimsuits | Mickey Mouse {Disney}

Mickey Mouse Bikini

Geeky Swimsuits | Wonder Woman {DC Comics}

Wonder Woman Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuit | Batman {DC Comics}

Batman Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | Joker {DC Comics}

Joker Bikini

Geeky Swimsuits | Riverdale

Riverdale Bikini

Geeky Swimsuits | Gryffindor {Harry Potter}

Gryffindor Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | Marauders Map {Harry Potter}

Marauders Map Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | Captain America {Marvel}

Captain America Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuit | Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | Galaxy Space

Galaxy Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | My Neighbour Totoro

My Neighbour Totoro Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | Tardis {Doctor Who}

Doctor Who Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | Boba Fett {Star Wars}

Boba Fett Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | Porg {Star Wars}

Porg Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | BB8 {Star Wars}

BB8 Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | Ahsoka {Star Wars}

Ahsoka Swimsuit

Geeky Swimsuits | Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Swimsuits

9 thoughts on “20 Geeky Swimsuits You Need For Summer

  1. I loved the Belle an Wonder Woman one, and then I saw the Porg one and practically screamed. The TAIL! OMG :O


    1. Haha, yeah I guess there’s no use in buying one if you can’t show it off. Unless you plan on wearing it around the house of course, which I’m all for!


    1. I love the Captain American one. It’s got this vintage feel about it which makes me think of Peggy Carter, and she would look so rad in it.


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