10 Geeky Goals for the New Year

Someone once told me that each passing year is a book of 365 blank pages waiting to be filled, and that the 1st of January is the start of a brand new story. It’s a nice thought right?

Well, that is until you realise that your first page is about to read ‘She was terribly hungover and spent the entire day trying not to throw up whilst simultaneously eating all her leftover Christmas snacks and contemplating a years’ worth of questionable life choices’.

Yeah, I’m not sure I’d be picking up that book either..

I think the 1st of January should be that little dedication page instead. You know – ‘for my beautiful wife, Susan’ or ‘Mikey, this one’s for you!’ Only, mine would read something like ‘Emma, you can do this, now stop eating that 6 day old gammon.’

It’s only a couple of lines – because that’s all I can handle on the day after New Year’s Eve – but I think it sets the tone nicely.

If the 1st of January is my books dedication page though, then that makes the 2nd what – a contents page? If that’s the case, then this would be the perfect time to talk about resolutions. The only problem is – I am awful at the New Year’s Resolution thing.

They just seem so negative to me – give up chocolate, give up take-away, lose weight. I’d rather do more of something I enjoy than less of it, so instead I’m going to think about the things I need more of in 2019, and here are 10 of them.

10 Geeky Goals for the New Year

More Road Trips

I visited five new countries last year, which was insanely awesome, but I think I’d like to see more of the UK in 2019. It’s come at the perfect time because Jess and I got a National Trust membership for Christmas and will be getting a new car this month. If we could go somewhere new every month then I’d be a very happy geeky tourist.

More Bucket List Moments

I only crossed a couple of things off my geeky bucket list in 2018, so I’d really like to get stuck into it this year and cross off as many entries as I can – if only so that I can add more without feeling too guilty. There are so many amazing things on there that I honestly don’t understand why I’m putting off doing them.

More Gigs

A couple of years ago I would go to see a live band every single week and listen to a different new album almost every day, but somewhere down the line I must have lost that passion for music because I only saw a handful of bands last year. I would love to try and get that passion back, maybe go see a new band once a month.

More Books

Same with books – I used to read all the time, at least one a week, but now I’m lucky if I find the time to read one book a year. If I could get through a new novel each month, I’d be a very happy bibliophile. If I managed two, well – let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

More Museums

Museums are my happy place and I definitely do not visit them enough. I know this because there is one at the end of my road that I still haven’t been to. If I could at least make it there I know my life would be instantly improved.

More Sunrises

Sunrises are one of my favourite things in the world. Not only are they beautiful but they occur at the most peaceful time of the day, when all is quiet and the world’s idiots are still in bed. Unfortunately that usually includes myself – it’s rare that I find myself up before the sun. I need more sunrises in my 2019 story.

More Comic Con

Comic con is becoming more popular in the UK as of late, and I try to go to at least one a year, but sometimes that just isn’t enough you know. It’s been ages since I’ve cosplayed as anything either, so i’d like to do that a little more in 2019 as well.

More Photography

Taking photos is one of my favourite ways to remember the happiest moments in life, and I don’t think there could ever be too many reminders. Plus, I just really love taking beautiful pictures, so I want to improve my skills even more. I’d love to take part in a photography challenge and take a photo every single day of the year.

More Writing

I have a love/hate relationship with my blog. I struggle to update it regularly because I over-analyse what people will think of each post, so a lot of the time I’ll start writing about something and not finish it. I’d love to write more this year, and finally finish all these half started articles I never got round to posting.

More Film Sets

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I love a filming location. I like to find different places where certain movies were filmed, and then try and get a shot of the scene in real life. It’s become a bit of a hobby now, so in 2019 I’d like to find even more film sets.

What are your goals for 2019? Do you want to smile more, or save money? Maybe practice gratitude or learn a new skill? Have you gone for the full blown resolution and chosen to give something up, or are you like me and terrible at the resolution thing?

10 Geeky Goals for the New Year

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4 thoughts on “10 Geeky Goals for the New Year

  1. Great bucket list for the new year! The only thing I’d like to lose this year is more weight, but in putting into a ‘more’ perspective, I guess I’ll say enjoy the outdoors more and feeling more confident. Love your goals this year – especially sunsets and writing. Happy new year!


    1. Haha, I love that – more outdoor time and more confidence definitely sounds like something I could get on board with. Thanks for checking out my goals, and a Happy New Year to you too Katy 🙂


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