Introducing Einstein

I’ve been wanting to get back into sharing posts on Geeky Tourist for a while now, but until this very moment, I’ve not been quite sure how to break the ice. ‘Hi, I’m Emma, and I used to write about my nerdy adventures on here all the time but I’ve been awol for a few months – ok, more than a few months – oh and here’s a new post about a recent trip to Edinburgh’ just doesn’t seem to cut it.

So because I have the intention of sticking around for a while, I figured it might be the perfect time to get re-acquainted, and because I have nothing new to say about myself except ‘Hi, I’m Emma, and I used to write about my nerdy adventures on here all the time but I’ve been awol for a few months – ok, more than a few months – oh and I got a dog’ I figured I’d just introduce you to my dog – Einstein.

Einstein is basically my life now, and he’s part of the reason I’ve been a bit awol because he’s pretty much the best thing in the world and the ultimate time waster. He’s 13 weeks, 4 days, and I’m not sure how many hours old – but I now wish I did. He’s half Spaniel, half Jackapoo. He’s the goodest boy.

Jess and I never actually intended on getting a puppy. When we had traded our flat for a house with a garden in November, we started looking for a rescue dog at local shelters, but once they found out we both worked full time it became increasingly difficult to get to the final stages of adoption.

Then one weekend we were visiting my sister in Weymouth, and between a trip to West Bay to find Broadchurch locations, and a morning walking alpacas – both of which I’ll talk about on here at some point, so don’t worry – we somehow found out that a friend of her’s had a litter of puppies for sale, and so we begged to go and see them.

Cue Einstein. This fluffy white blob came straight over to us, plonked himself onto Jess’ lap, cuddled into his chest, and instantly fell asleep. I knew at that point that we were his and he was ours.

He’s been a part of our little family for about a month now, and it’s been the fastest month of my life. Everyone goes on about how January is the longest but it’s genuinely zoomed by for me, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a bit tough at times – puppy potty training is no joke guys – but I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I am at this moment, writing these words, with Einstein on my lap.

I guess, in a way, this is your advanced warning that this little pup will probably be appearing in a lot more of my posts from now on – but don’t worry, I still have lots of nerdy content planned, so if you came here looking for Geeky Tourist related goodness, you’re still in the right place. Until then however, please enjoy a rare photo of me, living my best life.

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10 thoughts on “Introducing Einstein

    1. Thanks :) I am probably the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Its amazing what a little puppy can do for your mental health!


    1. He’s tiny! Everyone who visits says he’s so much bigger than when they last saw him, but I still think he’s Diddy. I hope he stays so small, it’s super cute.

      Liked by 1 person

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