15 Gift Ideas For The Space Lover in Your Life

48 years ago today, two human beings landed on the moon for the very first time. The Astronauts in questions have inspired many generations of people to walk in their footsteps, and I’m sure I’m not the first to admit that I’ve dreamt of being an Astronaut in my time. So here are some out of this world gift ideas for the budding Astronauts out there.


Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Astronaut Tshirt

Astronaut T-Shirt

What’s the first step to becoming an Astronaut? – looking the part. And nothing says NASA more than an Astronaut riding a unicorn through a rainbow in space, am I right? Scientifically accurate and Stylish. Most importantly, Anna Kendrick wore this exact t-shirt in a movie she starred in with Sam Rockwell, called Mr Right.

Available at Zazzle.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Space Punk

Space Punk Patch

If you’re an aspiring Astronaut with an attitude, then you need one of these Space Punk patches. NASA’s logo obviously doesn’t cut it when you’re a cold, hard badass. Show your team that you don’t follow the rules – you make the rules – and not even NASA can tell you what to do.

Available at Ebay.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Rocket and Spaceman Pin

Rocket and Spaceman Pins

Still in need of a little more Astronaut style? Add this brooch to your space suit. Depicting a little spaceman with his own personal rocket, this collar pin is too cute not to have in your life.

Available at Ebay.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Rockets of the World

Rockets of the World Poster

Want to brush up on your rocket knowledge for your first adventure into space? Estoica have you covered with their Rockets of the world print. It showcases 52 of the most iconic rockets out there, each ordered according to size – impressive and educational.

Available at Estoica.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | NASA Mug

NASA Heat Changing Mug

What about your constellations? Well if you’re in need of impressing but aren’t quite as familiar with them as you hoped, this NASA mug goes from a regulation cup to a treasure trove of constellation information just by adding warm water.

Available at Truffle Shuffle.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

How about the Moon? Want to get acquainted with its craters before you land on the thing? This lamp is an exact replica of the orb we see in the night sky, making it perfect for any Astronaut in training. The sphere is 25cm in diameter so it’s a little smaller than the moon we’re used to, but it’s just as bright.

Available at Etsy.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Carl Sagan Print

Carl Sagan Print

If you’re in need of a little space inspiration, no one’s more qualified than astronomer Carl Sagan who is full of wise word’s when it comes to everything extra-terrestrial. One of my favourite quotes of his is ‘For small creatures such as we the vastness is only bearable through love’ which this print depicts perfectly.

Available at Etsy.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Rocket Planter

Rocket Planter

Worried about leaving your plants on earth while you explore the universe? Well you need one of these Rocket Planters. That way it’s kind of like they’re out in space with you, only not, because they’re actually at home in a ceramic vase shaped like a crashed rocket. But it looks super cool, especially if you add the right plant.

Available at Amazon.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | NASA Travel Prints

NASA Travel Prints

You could always get some posters to keep your plants company. Depicting the likes of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Europa, you can explore the earth from the comfort of your own sofa. If they’re good enough for NASA – they’re supposedly hanging in the Johnson Space Centre – then they’re good enough for you.

Available at Etsy.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Moonshot Gin

Moonshot Gin

Onto the most important thing in an Astronauts life, alcohol, and what’s better than a gin literally made from moon rock. Take the staple ingredients of gin, throw in a little space dust, then launch the lot into space at an altitude of 24km and viola. This gin isn’t just made from space, it was made IN space.

Available at Master of Malt.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Space Ice Cream

Space Ice Cream

And what about food? If you’re a fan of ice cream then you’re in luck because there’s an abundance of the stuff in space, and now you can try some yourself. Do you prefer Mint Choc Chip or Neapolitan? There are even ice cream sandwiches for the adventurous among you.

Available at Amazon

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Eggstronaut

Eggstronaut Egg Cup

For the Astronaut who likes to cook for himself though, an adorable egg cup with added rocket stencils so that you can dip your toast into the head of an Astronaut. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Available at IWOOT.

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Space Junk

Space Junk

Everyone needs to shower, even Astronauts, and if they were to choose their own products, I’m pretty sure they’d go for this Space Junk by Lynndiez Fizziez. Made up of fictional comet dust, planet chunks, and burnt out stars, it’s perfect for a post space expedition bath.

Available at Bubble and Blow

Gift Ideas for Space Lovers | Star Dust Pendant

Star Dust Space Pendant

What if you never make it to space? Well, that’s OK too, not everyone is cut out to be an Astronaut. And it doesn’t mean you can’t own a bit of space. From the depths of Argentina, this vial of space dust comes from the Campo del Cielo meteorite. Yes, it looks like something that might come out of your vacuum, but it’s alien rocks guys.

Available at Etsy.

Are you an astronomer at heart, or do you know someone who loves space? Which one of these gifts would you give them – or do you think you’ll keep it for yourself? Let me know below.

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